Weddings & Special Events

Making Wine for Your Wedding or Special Events

1) Liquor License
You will need to apply for a Special Occasion License.

Is It Allowed at the Event Location?
Confirm with the location you have chosen that they allow you to bring your own wine. If they do you should find out if there is a corkage fee. A corkage fee is a service charge for serving the wine. A good way to reduce this cost is to use larger bottles.

Wine Type
The type of wine you choose should pair well with the food you plan on serving and have universal appeal.

Quality Level
The quality of wine you choose also influences the flavor. We recommend the 100% Juice quality level for weddings as it is an excellent

value for the price.

Use the Equation below to determine how many bottles you need (750ml).

               (# of Guests - Non Drinkers ) X 2 Glasses per person
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------    = # of Bottles (750ml)
                                           4 glasses per bottle
For Example
A wedding with 200 guests of which 10 are children would result in.
(200 - 10) X2
-------------   = 95 bottles = 3 batches (90 bottles) or 4 batches (120 bottles)

The typical wedding is 4 batches of wine (120 bottles) with 2 batches of red wine and 2 batches of white wine. It is always better to have more wine than you think you will need. Extra wine bottles make excellent gifts for your guests and can also be used for wedding showers and bachelor parties before the wedding.

We offer free customized label upgrades on any batch of wine that is to be used at a special event. This upgrade is usually sold for $5 per batch but we want to make your day special and unique.

We sell a variety of bottles to meet your needs. As mentioned before if your hall charges a corking fee you may want to go with bigger bottles thus minimizing your fees.

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