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The Process and Price

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  •               Understanding The Six Week Process 

Vintner's Cellar uses a six week process when making wine from all of our kits.  We take extra care to ensure that the wine has completed the fermentation process naturally, and that the CO2 has had a chance to come out of the wine after stabilization.  During stabilization we chill the wine down to 0 degrees Celsius to minimize the chance of you getting wine diamonds (tartrates).
We feel that this process has a positive impact on the taste of your wine and should not be rushed. 

                                              All of our kits yield approximately 30 - 750ml bottles
                                                     All prices include labels, shrink caps and corks
                                              Please refer to our wine catalog of over 60 varieties


Gold Medallion - $149.99
A quality 8L concentrate where reverse osmosis water is added prior to fermentation.  Equivalent to a 12-15 dollar wine at the LCBO. 

Fruit Wines - $169.99
Our fruit wines are made from a quality 8L concentrate kit.  Some have upgraded to the 100% juice for an extra treat. 

Ice Wines - $159.99 ($274.99 for double batch)

These sweet dessert wines are made from our popular Riesling or Cabernet Sauvignon wine kits. For an extra tasty treat we add Maple or Black Cherry and Chocolate.

Port - $209.99

This port-style wine is medium-bodied with bold flavours of figs, brandy macerated raisins and caramel. The kit makes 16 750ml bottles of sweet and powerful goodness.

Premium - $189.99 (select kits come with Grape Skins and have a $30 surcharge)

A premium quality 16 litre concentrate kit which makes a very good wine with about 12% alcohol content. Equivalent to what you find for $15-$18.

100% Supreme Juice - $199.99 (select kits come with Grape Skins and have a $30 surcharge)
By far our most popular quality level.  A 23L pure juice kit where only yeast is added.  Equivalent to a 25-30 dollar wine at the LCBO.

Premium Elite - $209.99  (select kits come with Grape Skins and have a $30 surcharge)

​A premium region specific 16L kit where by the grapes are sourced from the best growing regions around the world.  Equivalent to a 35-45 dollar wine at the LCBO.  This includes our fortified Port wine (yields 16 bottles).

Vintner's  Select Series - $239.99 (select kits come with Grape Skins and have a $30 surcharge)
A premium 23L kit that is country specific or comes from aged vines. These have an  Alcohol content that is slightly higher.  Equivalent to a 45-55 dollar wine
at the LCBO.

Please inquire at the shop about adding skins for extra flavor.