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WHITES– Premium Elite

The sophisticated Vintner’s Cellar Premium Elite wines presents a collection of masterfully crafted blends of full bodied red and refreshing white wines. These exquisite, region specific varietal juices explore an array of old and new world wines that will surely satisfy the palate of any connoisseur. The varieties of this assortment will command fortified intense aromas supported by an oasis of enhanced bouquets and pronounced characters. Carefully balanced with distinctive flavours, refined acidity and matured tannins, these wines will leave you with a remarkable and memorable finish.


An elegant wine with rich aromas of honey, tropical fruits and ripe apples fresh off the tree.  The character of this rich varietal is enhanced and not over powered by the smooth oaky finish.

Crisp, light, intense , this flavorful wine exhibits a subtle herbaceous nose with flowery undertones. Wines from this variety have a distinct fresh gooseberry like flavour. Soft hues, with a slight tinge of green, this wine is best enjoyed young.


Rich body, heavy oak, this “woody” Chardonnay dances on the palate with intense citrus notes, lots of vanilla, apple  and butter tones with the touch of fig are revealed with time.

A distinct dry wine with a rich and complex aroma. The aroma of apricot, honey and spice abound. A surprisingly dry smooth finish. Light golden in colour, this wine drinks well young.


The Italian Pinot Bianco is medium-bodied with a light fruitiness and crisp acidity. Judicious use of oak adds a totally new dimension to this old world favorite. A refreshing and playful wine that dances on the palate.

A smooth luscious wine, it is almost liquorish. This wine has a bouquet of honey and apple blossoms. Smooth on the palate with a lingering finish. Its generous alcohol content will surprise the taste buds with a medley of citrus and herbs.

A rich full bodied white made in Sicilian tradition. High alcohol is its trademark, with a deep golden colour. The nose unveils a wonderful harmony of ripe pears and bananas. To the palate the sensation is warm with rich, soft tannins and an extremely long finish.


REDS – Premium Elite


This wine is deep and dark in colour with warm black fruit and berries. Aging will reveal a wine that is velvety rich and spicy exhibiting a rich smoky flavour, ripe fruit and a hint of bittersweet chocolate. The core fruit flavour of plum, black cherries and blackberries make this wine intensely flavorful.

Subtle aroma of leather and black pepper match well with the rich blackberry flavours. Full bodied, this wine has intense jam and spice flavours. The softening of Merlot produces a wine with a complex structure yet pleasant drinking.

Bold with intense fruits flavours of cherry, raspberry and black currant and a hint of licorice. Heavy oak, full bodied with classic spicy tones. This wine is made for the serious red wine drinker.

Light ruby red, pink reflections. Fine nose of red fruits and underbrush, medium to full-bodied. Mellow, well-structured and elegant.


This South American favorite offers a deep garnet robe. The flavours are of intense ripe red fruits with a hint of cinnamon. The well-balanced oak only enhances the wines characteristics.

Dark, rich and full bodied, only begin to describe this wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. A bouquet of black currant and black cherry with a spicy undertone. A very generous wine with solid tannins and rich mellow oak, this combination will send your taste buds into a state of euphoria.

Rich berry bouquet with black current undertones. The black skins have lots of tannin and deep rich colour which indicates a wine with aging potential. This wine has an incredible complexity of aroma and taste with hints of cherry, chocolate and licorice.

Well balanced with a solid acidity and intense ruby red colour. Rich cherry flavour  and deep fruity plum makes for an  appealing combination. This wine is rich in style with low tannins.

Once mistaken for a Merlot, this mysterious grape varietal has recently been identified as an old world pre-phyloxera clone. This wines character is distinct with a black current nose and fruit jam flavours. The wine ages well due to its rich and complex nature.

This wine has a ruby robe. Rich and big in every way. Heavy toasted oak used in its design, release the earth, burnt chocolate and vanilla tones. Spicy with pronounced black cherry, plum and black current undertones. A medium bodied wine that distinguishes itself with elegance.


The “King of Kings” as the old house of Italy’s famed Piedmount region claim. This Barolo meets the calling with a brilliant garnet radiance. Generous and robust, this style has hints of violets and fresh herbs. Oak, acidity and tannins in perfect harmony, deliver a wine that will fare well from cellaring. Heavy body and intense field berries abound and a spicy finish.

This powerful red wine bursts with tree-ripened fruit flavours balanced to an unrivaled finesse. The wine is majestic from its deep rich red colour to its heavy body. The nose is reminiscent of ripe black cherries and red stone fruit. Flavours abound with an intensity that lingers well into the next bottle.

This refreshing, complex, medium-bodied wine has a delicate bouquet and a rich texture. Fragrant and fruity with an explosion of red tree fruit and ripe red berries. This wine possesses  solid tannins and acids that delight the palate. This wine is a versatile accompaniment for large dinner parties, a wine to  be enjoyed among good friends.

Rich and full, this traditional Italian wine is truly from the old school. The wine possesses  that lively taste expected from Chianti but finishes with a deep berry flavored smoothness. A robust red wine, in the style of Italy’s coveted Tuscany region, with deep ruby and violet reflections. This complex wine exhibits hints of spices and black cherry note with just a hint of dark burnt chocolate and homemade jam.


Rich with soft, smooth tannins and black currant undertones with an underlying pepper nose. The “smoky” oak flavours add to the wines subtle softness. Its long, full, elegant finish will leave you wanting more.

Old world varietal in the new world, from extremely old vines. Full ripe berry  and black currant with a herbal character. This wine is full bodied with solid tannins, yet it is surprisingly smooth with an extremely long finish.

Big blockbuster old style wine. This wine has a bright garnet robe. The nose is of ripe black cherries, with wild berry undertones. To the palate it is solid yet smooth with a long earthy finish. Overall it is wine that is deserving of its heritage, bold yet surprisingly smooth.

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