Step 1

We will help you match your current tastes with over 60 varieties and quality levels of wine.

Step 2

Once you've selected the variety you'd like to brew, you add the yeast to the quality wine juice to start the fermentation process. That's all you have to do until bottling time in about 6 weeks! 

Step 3

Your wine will ferment for four weeks. The yeast works with the natural sugars in the juice to create alcohol and develop flavour. 

Step 4

Two weeks into fermentation, we siphon your wine into a glass carboy and remove the large scale sediment produced from the fermentation process. 

Step 5


Now it's time to stop fermentation. We siphon your wine to another glass carboy, and add a stabilizing agent to completely stop any further fermentation.  The wine then gets cooled down to just below 0 degrees to minimize the chance of getting tartaric crystals.

Step 6

We then filter your wine using a 10 pad filter machine to remove any elements that would cloud your wine resulting in a crystal clear wine that sparkles. 

Step 7

Just prior to your bottling appointment (don't worry, we will contact you!), we will remove as much CO2 from your wine as we can. This allows for a wine you can drink immediately and will still improve with aging. It is worth noting that we are one of the few vintner's who do this!! 

Step 8

You will bring your bottles, or purchase ours. Bottles are sanitized and cleaned using our state-of-the-art bottle washer. We will help you to bottle, cork, label and shrink wrap your wine – it is easy, fun and fast! 

Step 9

Personalize your wine with our standard labels, or custom specialty labels.

Step 10

Get $10 off any in stock variety when you start a new batch on bottling day. Save money, time and fuel and never run out of your own quality wine!

10 Steps for us 3 Steps for you

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